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A Better Way to Invest

Have you ever wondered if there was a simpler way to invest? Investing is often presented as deeply complicated, risky, and accessible only to the sort of crazy-rich people who can afford to gamble away millions on the wildest ventures.

Buy this stock! Sell everything now! Follow this hot tip! Investment advice is endless, yet endlessly contradictory. From financial gurus proclaiming the secrets to ultimate wealth to salesmen pushing a baffling array of investment products, how can one possibly know what to do?

Yet investing doesn’t have to be this way. Over the two centuries of the financial markets, the combined power of data analysis and financial science has revealed several naked truths about investing. This book will bring you on a journey to discover those truths and how to use them to successfully and simply invest.

It will reveal why conventional investing methods fail and yet remain popular. It will explore some of the greatest theories of modern finance backed by decades of empirical research—which have also revealed the specific factors that drive investment returns. It will show how these can be optimised in a portfolio for the best possible return at a given level of risk. It will examine how to respond to market scenarios, the dangers of human instinct and the problems with alternative investments like cryptocurrencies and property. Finally, this book will discuss how to effectively integrate all these insights into a portfolio to realistically achieve your financial goals.

This book ultimately hopes to reveal that investing—and succeeding at it—is nowhere near as complicated or expensive as the financial industry may want you to believe. You don’t need to be rich, fearlessly reckless or a seasoned investor with multiple degrees in finance.

All you need are three simple things: discipline, commitment and the ability to wait.

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