Securities Advisory

Equities and Fixed Income Trades

Our strategic alliance with various partners allows us to execute securities trades on all major global exchanges. We are able to cover Asian, American and European trading time zones effectively.

Our investors can gain access to our proprietary securities models, which are fundamentally and quantitatively driven. We currently run a Global Absolute Return ETF strategy and a Growth-at-Value mandate.

Our securities and trading advisory account enables us to trade for our accredited investors on a discretionary basis, or provide advice on potential trades. Our advice is based on periodic proprietary buy-side research that is in turn based on strict quantitative screening criteria. Our clients are also able to access proprietary financial stress indicators that highlight the safety or danger in the market, which can be used for contrarian investing and better informed decisions.

Structured Investment Products

With our strategic partners, we are able to create customised structured investment products without giving you run-of-the-mill solutions. We are also able to review your existing products to provide an independent and informed opinion as to their risk and value.

Please note that our private client services are only available for Accredited Investors, defined as individuals whose net worth is at least SGD$2 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) or whose income in the past 12 months was at least SGD$300,000 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency).

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