Legacy Planning

The future matters

You've worked hard your entire life to enrich yourself and your loved ones. At this stage, you might be considering how to sustain and share your assets with the next generation.

However, planning for the distribution of wealth to family members is often a sensitive issue. An equitable distribution to beneficiaries often seems the most logical choice – but is it fair? Some members are more successful than others, and some have chosen paths in life which offer less in economic terms but benefit the downtrodden in society.

What are some of the methods and strategies you can employ to appear fair to all, and yet benefit those family members who need more help?

For most high net worth individuals, the bulk of their assets are non-liquid: for example in businesses or fixed assets. This could pose some challenges in wealth distribution, as assets are locked up.

Talk to us about your concerns and wishes in passing on the baton to the next generation. We will help you distill things down to the important aspects, and develop a road map for you to implement your legacy.

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