Discretionary Services

Lighten the burden of day-to-day decisions

We help you lessen the weight of financial decision making, freeing you to spend more time on the things that matter. Our discretionary portfolio service provides you with professional investment management and offers you direct access to extensive resources and investment expertise through a multi-asset class investment portfolio.

Your personal Investment Specialist will focus the best of our resources towards delivering your investment objectives, be they wealth creation through out-sized returns or capital preservation through minimising risks. You will have access to a range of investments such as stocks, fixed income products and exclusive funds. Zenith and Apogee are the two distinct equity strategies we have developed for our Accredited Investors.

Appoint our advisers to your personal board

Engage our different financial experts to help you in important financial decisions for your family office and business.

GYC Private Client Wealth Management is a service best suited to individuals with a minimum of SGD$1,000,000 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) in investible assets. Clients must also be Accredited Investors, defined as individuals whose net worth is at least SGD$2 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) or whose total income in the past 12 months was at least SGD$300,000 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency).

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