United G Strategic Fund

Invest in a portfolio comprising exchange-traded funds across the major global exchanges (minimum of 40%) and sub-funds of Dimensional Funds plc (up to 60%).

Markets have been greatly volatile over the past few years, leaving many people unsettled and wary about investing. Yet, history has shown that even in such uncertain times, investors who know how to pick the right diversified portfolio and stay invested through market cycles may discover exceptional opportunities in the markets.

That was why UOB Asset Management and GYC Financial Advisory came together in 2010 to collaborate on the United G Strategic Fund – an all-weather fund that seeks to minimise risks during the difficult stages of an economic cycle, and maximise potential returns in growth and recovery periods.

The Fund invests in a wide base of stocks (through index funds) around the world in accordance with a quantitative risk model. This means that in times of exceptional market stress (as signalled by the risk model), the Fund will be able to rapidly reduce the proportion of risky assets, thus limiting any severe loss to the portfolio.

In the long term, just being able to minimise losses in adverse market conditions gives the Fund a good probability of outperforming the market, making it especially suited for investors in today's volatile and uncertain climate.

As of 13 January 2017, the Fund may invest up to 60% in sub-funds of Dimensional Funds plc. The balance (minimum of 40%) will be invested in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on its native stock exchanges. Dimensional Fund Advisors is a strong proponent of Evidence-Based Investing, which invests according to proven sources of expected return.

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The Edge Singapore – UOBAM and GYC launch all-weather multi-asset fund
Monday, 09 August 2010

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