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Even the best-planned holiday can be affected by the unexpected. Don't run the risk of ruining your precious holiday due to unforeseen events. Make TravelJoy your perfect companion for an enjoyable trip!

Did you know that:

Seeking any form of medical treatment in most foreign countries can be a very costly affair?

Getting involved in an accident while travelling outside major cities may require emergency evacuation services with a trained medical team? These services are expensive, but in an emergency, there may not be any other option.

Don't take the risk of having an accident or illness while on holiday wipe you out financially. Guard against the unexpected, and buy yourself some peace of mind by purchasing travel insurance before you depart.

We work with a few insurers offering travel insurance plans. Talk with us to find a suitable plan for your needs.

Leaving soon and in a hurry? We have tied up with Sompo to enable you to buy their TravelJoy travel insurance plan online at your convenience (just remember to purchase the plan before you leave Singapore!)

You can click on the button below to get a quote and buy the plan.

Highlights of Sompo TravelJoy Insurance Plan

  • Vital Plan caters to those who require basic travel insurance coverage
  • Alternative Accommodation Arrangement pays a cash benefit of $100 should your accommodation (including Vacation Rentals and Hotels) be cancelled after trip has commenced
  • Trip Cancellation, Postponement or Replacement of Traveller coverage up to $15,000
  • Personal Accident coverage up to $500,000
  • Medical Expenses Incurred Overseas coverage up to $1,000,000.
  • Additional Indemnity for accidental death as a passenger in a traffic accident
  • Full Terrorism Cover
  • Financial Collapse of Licensed Tour Operators
  • Covers Amateur Sports such as hot-air balloon, para-sailing, white-water rafting, snow-skiing, bunjee jumping

Emergency Services

  • 24-hour Emergency Hotline
  • Medical Assistance including doctor's tele-medical advice and referral to a medical facility
  • Medical Arrangements for medical evaculations/repatriations by a specialised team
  • Travel Assistance including lost luggage tracing and passport replacement advice

Select from a choice of 3 plans (Elite, Deluxe or Vital), with competitive premiums for popular holiday destinations to best suit your needs.

Don't leave home without it!

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