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Since May 2017, all our investment updates and articles have been posted on our GYC Perspectives blog. Visit our blog to read our latest thoughts and musings on investing, the market, and other financial matters.

Past Updates

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15 May 2017Market Update
Climb That Wall of Worry
3 Mar 2017Market Update
Markets At All Time Highs, What Now?
6 Jan 2017Market Update
Stiff Upper Lip


17 Oct 2016Market Update
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
18 Aug 2016Market Update
The Trend is Your Friend
24 Jun 2016Flash Update
BREXIT Today but Everything’s the Same
23 Jun 2016Flash Update
BREXIT tomorrow, BREMAIN today
6 Jun 2016Macro Update
Keep Calm and Carry On
22 Apr 2016So, Should I Be Bearish or Bullish?
18 Mar 2016Whither You Go
11 Feb 2016Quantifying Bear Market Risk
27 Jan 2016Cognitive Dissonance
8 Jan 2016What Circuit Breakers?


31 Dec 2015Upside Down
6 Nov 2015Time Dilation and All Things Relative
1 Oct 2015Macro Update
25 Aug 2015What Goes Up… Must Come Down
27 Jul 2015Today's China Stock Market Rout
10 Jul 2015Flash Update
Worried? Only If You're Gambling!
24 Jun 2015Macro Update
20 Apr 2015Market Update
Bonds – Why you need to be worried
27 Feb 2015Clear Sky, Clear Mind
15 Jan 2015The Long Run, In the Short Term


31 Dec 20142015 Investment Outlook
16 Dec 2014Market Update
Waiting for Santa Claus
26 Nov 2014Market Update
When the Wind Blows
14 Nov 2014Macro Strategy Update
Warm Porridge
27 Oct 2014Macro Strategy Update
How's Your Risk Appetite?
14 Oct 2014Macro Strategy Update
The Big Picture
11 Sep 2014Macro Strategy Update
What's Up with Interest Rates?
27 Aug 2014Macro Strategy Update
A One-Handed Economist
15 Aug 2014Macro Strategy Update
A Fundamental and Technical Collision
16 Jul 2014Macro Strategy Update
Don't Worry, Be Happy
20 Jun 2014Macro Strategy Update
Middle East Developments
12 Jun 2014Macro Strategy Update
Força (Strength)
28 May 2014Macro Strategy Update
Grinding Up
14 May 2014Macro Strategy Update
Come Back on St Leger Day?
11 Apr 2014Macro Strategy Update
Emerging Markets: Turn the Page
25 Mar 2014Macro Strategy Update
Market Update – Patience is a Virtue
11 Mar 2014Macro Strategy Update
Long Term Bullish, Short Term Cautious
27 Feb 2014Macro Strategy Update
A Weaker High
12 Feb 2014Macro Strategy Update
It's Just A Correction
14 Jan 2014Macro Strategy Update
2014 Investment Outlook: The Tension Within


11 Dec 2013Macro Strategy Update
Reviewing 2013
28 Nov 2013Macro Strategy Update
Japan: Bullish Perspectives
21 Nov 2013Macro Strategy Update
Bubbles, Corrections and Crashes
31 Oct 2013Macro Strategy Update
Market Update
14 Oct 2013Macro Strategy Update
Still Bullish Despite The Risk
11 Oct 2013Macro Strategy Update
Thoughts on Potential US Debt Default.
30 Sep 2013Flash Update
US Debt Ceiling Concerns
19 Sep 2013Flash Update
12 Sep 2013Macro Strategy Update
The Risks Are Manageable
28 Aug 2013Macro Strategy Update
Market Update
14 Aug 2013Macro Strategy Update
Climbing The Wall Of Worry
29 July 2013Macro Strategy Update
Market Update
10 July 2013Macro Strategy Update
Mid-year review and 2nd half outlook
21 Jun 2013Macro Strategy Update
Market Update
11 Jun 2013Macro Strategy Update
US Equities Are Poised For New Highs
29 May 2013Portfolio Adjustment – Japanese Equities and Global REITs
13 May 2013Macro Strategy Update
Seasonality Effect Likely To Be Weak
29 Apr 2013Macro Strategy Update
Market Update
16 Apr 2013Macro Strategy Update
Flash Update
10 Apr 2013Macro Strategy Update
Policy Implication
19 Mar 2013Macro Strategy Update
Cyprus Bailout
27 Feb 2013Macro Strategy Update
Market Update
8 Feb 2013Macro Strategy Update
Do Not Fear The Correction
28 Jan 2013Macro Strategy Update
Market Updates
9 Jan 2013Macro Strategy Update
Outlook 2013: Another Positive Year


12 Dec 2012Macro Strategy Update
Ending the Year on a Positive Note
27 Nov 2012Macro Strategy Update
Market Update and Portfolio Strategies
9 Nov 2012Macro Strategy Update
Volatility Hides Through Market Message
24 Oct 2012Flash Update
23 Oct 2012Macro Strategy Update
Market Update and Portfolio Strategy
9 Oct 2012Macro Strategy Update
Less Bad Is Good For Equities
25 Sep 2012Macro Strategy Update
Market Update and Portfolio Strategy
12 Sep 2012Macro Strategy Update
Still Positive For Now
28 Aug 2012Macro Strategy Update
Market Update and Portfolio Strategy
14 Aug 2012Macro Strategy Update
Climbing the Wall of Worry
24 Jul 2012Market Update and Portfolio Strategy
Recent Developments
10 Jul 2012Macro Strategy Update
Q&A on Latest Developments
6 Jun 2012Macro Strategy Update
Policy Response Coming To The Rescue
23 May 2012Macro Strategy Update
Buying Opportunity
11 May 2012Macro Strategy Update
The Equity Rally Remains Intact
10 May 2012Flash Update
The Eurozone Crisis
7 May 2012Flash Update
Thoughts on the French Elections
26 Apr 2012Market Update and Portfolio Strategy
13 Apr 2012Macro Strategy Update
No Trend Change
11 Apr 2012Flash Update
Our thoughts on the recent market sell-off
28 Mar 2012Macro Strategy Update
Market Update and Portfolio Strategy
14 Mar 2012Macro Strategy Update
Positive Outlook Maintained
29 Feb 2012Market Update and Portfolio Strategy
9 Feb 2012Macro Strategy Update
Still Bullish, Despite the Negatives
30 Jan 2012Market Commentary and Portfolio Strategy
13 Jan 2012Macro Strategy Update
Outlook for 2012


13 Dec 2011Macro Strategy Update
Bear Market Rally Extended
30 Nov 2011Macro Strategy Update
It's all about Europe
9 Nov 2011Market Update and Portfolio Strategy
28 Oct 2011Macro Strategy Update
It's just a bear market rally
10 Oct 2011Macro Strategy Update
Short Term Positive, Long Term still Negative
29 Sep 2011Macro Strategy Update
Liquidity is preferred
12 Sep 2011Market Commentary
1 Sep 2011Macro Strategy Update
Caution is Advised
22 Aug 2011Market Update
10 Aug 2011Market Update
Three reasons behind the recent market sell-off
5 Aug 2011Market Update
27 Jul 2011Macro Strategy Update
Debt problems manageable for now
11 Jul 2011Market Commentary and Portfolio Strategy
29 Jun 2011Macro Strategy Update
Recovery to occur in second half of 2011?
22 Jun 2011Market Update
Delaying the Rebalancing
9 Jun 2011Market Commentary
27 May 2011Macro Strategy Update
Recession Risk will aggravate Europe's problems
23 May 2011Macro Strategy Update
Call for re-balancing: Time to De-risk
9 May 2011Macro Strategy Update
Market Commentary
27 Apr 2011Macro Strategy Update
Our thoughts on QE2 and AAA ratings
11 Apr 2011Market Commentary
25 Mar 2011Inflation in Asia: A temporary problem?
18 Mar 2011Impact of the Japan Nuclear Situation
14 Mar 2011Flash Update
Japan Earthquake
3 Mar 2011Market Commentary
23 Feb 2011Macro Strategy Update
Emerging Markets: Correction or Bear Market?
9 Feb 2011Market Commentary
31 Jan 2011Flash Update
Thoughts on Eqyptian Riots
24 Jan 2011Macro Strategy Update
Navigating Unchartered Territories
20 Jan 2011Call For Rebalancing
11 Jan 2011Market Commentary


22 Dec 2010Macro Strategy Update
Year End Musings
6 Dec 2010Market Commentary & Portfolio Strategy
25 Nov 2010Macro Strategy Update
A Virtuous Cycle Sighted
4 Nov 2010Market Update
25 Oct 2010Macro Strategy Update
And The Bull Market Continues
20 Oct 2010China – Surprise Rate Hike
15 Oct 2010Portfolio Update
Sell Japan Buy China
11 Oct 2010Market Update
24 Sep 2010Macro Strategy Update
Reasons To Be Bullish
13 Sep 2010Market Update
27 Aug 2010Macro Strategy Update
Profit And Investment Cycles Tell A Positive Story
10 Aug 2010Market Update
23 Jul 2010Our Call On Japan
21 Jul 2010Macro Strategy Update
Correction or Bear Market?
6 Jul 2010Market Update
23 Jun 2010Macro Strategy Update
Signs of A Bottom
7 Jun 2010Market Update
21 May 2010Market Update
14 May 2010Macro Strategy Update
Watch The Real Economy
11 May 2010Flash Update
Europe Bailout Package
7 May 2010Flash Update
1000 Point Drop In Dow
6 May 2010Greek Crisis
22 Apr 2010Macro Strategy Update
Economic Tailwinds For Investors/a>
13 Apr 2010Flash Update
Market Commentary & Portfolio Strategy
18 Mar 2010Macro Strategy Update
Recouping The Losses
9 Mar 2010Market Commentary & Portfolio Strategyy
19 Feb 2010Macro Strategy Update
Correction In Progress
11 Feb 2010Market Commentary & Portfolio Strategy
3 Feb 2010Flash Update
Market Commentary & Portfolio Strategy
Jan 2010Why We Like Japan
7 Jan 20102010 Investment Outlook: Bullish But Mindful Of Setbacks


17 Dec 2009Macro Strategy Update
Can Equities Rise Further?
30 Nov 2009Investment Update (Special)
Dubai's Debt Default Comments
24 Nov 2009Macro Strategy Update
Too Early To Talk About Bubbles
10 Nov 2009Market Thoughts & Portfolio Strategy Commentary
30 Oct 2009Macro Strategy Update
Equities: Stronger for Longer
18 Sep 2009Macro Strategy Update
Climbing the Wall of Worry
1 Sep 2009Macro Strategy Flash
Should We Worry About China?
31 Aug 2009Macro Strategy Update
Taking the Non-consensus View on the US Economy
23 Jun 2009The last week has seen the key financial markets starting to falter
May 2009Reweighting Back to Neutral
Feb 2009Portfolio Review: For Your Urgent Attention


Oct 2008Portfolio Review: For Your Urgent Attention
Jul 2008Consumer spending is only just gaining momentum
Apr 2008Smart money is going into quality assets irrationally sold down
Jan 2008Asian stock markets are down


Oct 2007Subprime mortgage crisis
Feb 2007What Lies Ahead for Year 2007?


Nov 2006Need for Good Advice
Sep 2006Has the FED pause affected our previous view?
Jul 2006Welcome to the our inaugural issue of GYC Market Compass!

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