Shawn Lee

Assistant Vice President, Personal Financial Services

Shawn Lee

Shawn graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance at the University of Queensland. He was twice awarded the Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement during the course of his studies, and was admitted onto the Dean’s Honour Roll upon graduation.

Shawn provides independent financial advice and excels in comprehensive financial planning for his clients. He strives to be the financial adviser that he himself would look for to manage his assets – a technically-competent adviser who possesses the right character, integrity and honesty; someone who will put his client’s interests before his own and provide unbiased financial advice. He is extremely passionate about his work and gains immense satisfaction from helping his clients solve their “financial puzzles”. The appreciation he receives from them further encourages him to be a better financial adviser.

Shawn loves to read and travel in his free time. He believes that reading broadens one’s knowledge and travelling widens one’s horizons. Shawn also plays sports to maintain a healthy body and a sharp mind. He is always ready to enjoy a game of badminton with his friends and clients.

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