Investing Simply

28 July 2017: Investment Seminar

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GYC organised an investment seminar on 28 July 2017 at Sheraton Towers Hotel.

Prior to the main seminar, Joel Wee and Christopher Huang from Colin Ng and Partners shared on the critical aspects of having a will and how trusts could help in the distribution of your estate.

At the main seminar, UOB's Anthony Raza delved into how global trends and policies could affect the average investor, while Benny Gay from Deutsche Asset Management discussed whether bonds are really safe. GYC's Investment Specialist, Carl Chay, shared on how neuroscience explains why we are all naturally prone to making bad investment decisions.

Lastly, GYC’s Deputy CEO, Aw Choon Hui, brought it all together with his presentation on 'Investing Simply'. We believe that investing should not be complicated, and a philosophy of "Investing simply" provides investors with a more relaxed, stress-free investing experience.

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