Why Dividends Matter

23 May 2014: Investment Seminar

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GYC organised an investment seminar on 25 May 2014 at Sheraton Towers Hotel.

Dividend investing (a.k.a. income investing) has become very popular of late, partly due to the unpredictability and stomach-churning volatility that has plagued equities in the few years since the great financial crisis of 2008.

But misconceptions abound: such as the notion that dividend investing is only meant for retirees and older people. We believe that having a sustainable dividend income stream is an important component of a total return strategy, for any investor.

The seminar opened with a talk on Dividend Investing by our Deputy CEO, Aw Choon Hui. To help further elucidate the benefits and pitfalls of dividend investing, we then had a panel discussion comprising representatives from First State Investments, Loomis Sayles and Schroders. Some of the topics for discussion include whether the dividend story is overdone, and how allocation to different sectors and asset classes can contribute to a balanced dividend portfolio. Through this seminar, we shared insights on how a properly-managed dividend portfolio can bolster retirement income, or provide an alternative strategy to their investments.

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