Peaceful Investing with an Engine, an Airbag and a Driver

May 2012: Investment Seminar

On 11 May 2012, GYC Financial Advisory and UOB Asset Management jointly organised an exclusive investment seminar for 90 invited guests at Sheraton Towers.

Investing is like exercising. We all know we need to do it, but just can't get stared or don't know what the best way forward is. Just like news of runners collapsing and dying in a marathon can scare some away from exercising, headlines of impending global financial meltdowns, systemic failures and countries defaulting on their debts can scare many away from investing.

Mr. Aw Choon Hui, our Deputy CEO, talked about investing peacefully "with an Engine, an Airbag and a Driver", in which one constructs portfolios with in-built engines for growth and airbags for stability in case the worst happens. The next presentation was by Mr. Tony Raza, Head of Asset Management at UOBAM, who gave us an update on the recent market happenings.

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