Official Launch of EVEREST

28 February 2008

GYC officially launched the revolutionary EVEREST on 28 of February 2008 at the Tower Club, with invited guests and our partners in attendance.

EVEREST is an investment solution for today's investors, bringing a high net worth proposition to the man-in-the-street at an unbeatable low cost. EVEREST' dynamic, versatile framework provides each client with a carefully constructed portfolio. It puts investors' wealth accumulation needs ahead of sales commissions.

EVEREST features:

  • 0% upfront sales charge
  • Hurdle rate of 2% before GYC is entitled to a performance fee
  • High watermark
  • Available to retail investors with a low minimum of $50,000 cash to start

EVEREST will transform the Singapore investment landscape and break the mould of how investment products have been designed and sold, for the benefit of the general public.

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