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Everest Portfolio Series

Our EVEREST series is a core portfolio strategy scientifically structured to be both an efficient and low-cost solution for Accredited Investors.

Using index funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors and guided by our philosophy of Evidence-Based Investing, EVEREST portfolios are built to capture all the proven sources of return from both equity and fixed-income markets.

These are the principles upon which our EVEREST solution is constructed:

  • Focus on highly liquid, highly diversified and high quality investments
  • Putting financial science on our side by tilting portfolios towards academically proven sources of higher expected returns
  • Managing risks through diversification, asset class investing, and our proprietary Risk Matrix
  • Minimising costs within the portfolio by using institutional pricing building blocks where possible
  • Avoiding expensive strategies in tactical trading
  • Fitting investors to appropriate portfolios based on risk and drawdown, rather than return

EVEREST portfolios prioritise proven sources of expected return like value, size and profitability premiums over the market, with the goal of long-term equity outperformance.

Among these, term and credit premiums (in portfolios with fixed income allocations) are dynamically maximised to derive optimal risk and return during different yield and credit cycles.

All portfolios undergo a strict portfolio construction process, with clearly defined risk and return attributes that will improve investors' probability of achieving their long term goals.

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(All statistics are as of 31 Oct 2017)

Everest A: Performance

Total Return 24.13 24.22
Year to date return (2017) 14.41 21.22
1 Year VaR 14.16 14.16
Annualised Standard Deviation 8.59 8.01
Sharpe Ratio 2.32 2.51

Everest B: Performance

Total Return 16.49 16.58
Year to date return (2017) 7.74 14.17
1 Year VaR 10.31 10.31
Annualised Standard Deviation 6.84 5.70
Sharpe Ratio 1.95 2.37

Everest C: Performance

Total Return 11.74 11.83
Year to date return (2017) 4.66 10.90
1 Year VaR 8.46 8.46
Annualised Standard Deviation 5.64 4.14
Sharpe Ratio 1.64 2.28

Important Notes

  1. The above strategy is only available to Accredited Investors, defined as individuals whose net worth is at least SGD$2 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) or whose income in the past 12 months was at least SGD$300,000 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency).
  2. The information given above is neither an offer nor solicitation to invest in the Portfolio and is strictly for information purposes. Past performance of the Portfolio and its constituent funds or stocks and any economic and market trends/forecast are not necessarily indicative of the future or likely performance of the Portfolio. The performance of the Portfolio and the value of the constituent funds and stocks and the income accruing, if any, may fall as well as rise.

    Investors should note that the constituent funds are registered in Singapore under the Restricted Scheme, which exempts them from prospectus requirements. However, investors can obtain the constituent funds' fact sheets (available from GYC). Please note that the constituent funds and stocks may change from time to time depending on the Portfolio Manager's prevailing market views. Any investments in a portfolio of unit trusts (collective investment schemes) and stocks carries investment risks and may therefore not be suitable for persons who are averse to such risks. You should make your own independent investigations as you may consider necessary or appropriate prior to investing.

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